Step 1 – Review Project

LSRC (LaSalle Street Regional Center) provides materials on the current project for an investor to review. Once the investor decides to move forward, investor completes our questionnaire. Once completed, your questionnaire will be evaluated internally to see if you qualify to participate in the EB-5 program. Our compliance department will complete the review in no more than two business days.

Step 2 – Find Attorney

Once the LSRC Compliance department has approved the investor’s preliminary questionnaire, Investor will speak with an immigration lawyer to assist in answering questions and preparing Source of Funds. Investor signs an agreement with his/her attorney. The investor and his/her attorney will review the legal documents and prepare the source of funds documentation. LSRC representatives are always available to answer any questions you and your attorney may have.

Step 3 – Execute Documents

We require the initial delivery of the legal documents, including Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”), Subscription Agreement. Investor returns the completed and signed Subscription Agreement (scanned and sent via email LSRC Compliance department will review and approve all the legal documents before returning a countersigned copy of the subscription agreement to investors. All copies of signatures are as valid as the originals.

Step 4 – Funds Transfer

Investor has to make a wire transfer, to include both the investment and the Administrative Fee, which covers the I-526 refund insurance policy. Wire instruction is provided on the Subscription Agreement and the PPM. Accounting will confirm the receipt of funds in writing and provide a record for investor’s I-526 filing. This process may take 2-3 business days after receipt of funds. Important Note: Please ask the bank before transferring the funds for you to cover additional wiring expenses separately and avoid any deduction from your investment amount.

Step 5 – I-526 Package Review and Approval

Immigration attorney submits complete I-526 package to LSRC for review. Review should not take more than four business days, unless complexities arise.


Step 6 – I-526 Filing

Attorney submits I-526 package to USCIS and sends the receipt to LSRC. We will continue to monitor your case and provide you with annually reports about your investment.

* Please note that the use of electronic communications, including email, may be unsecure. In no event shall LSRC be responsible for the loss, misuse or other misappropriation of any non-public personal information resulting from your use of unsecured electronic communications.